Document Generation based on Object Data


Exporting Object Data as a PDF File

You can now easily export your object data as a PDF file using the new Document Generation feature. The solution lets you tailor all the rich format business documents and make them readily available via word templates (containing object field variables to fill in data) on your company settings page. These templates can be a legal agreement, an invoice format, etc. to use as required for exporting to PDF.


  • Auto-fills dynamic data into the template from your WorkSpan project and export it as a PDF file with the click of a button.
  • No more need to spend time drafting agreements, forms, and other business documents with ready-to-use templates for every business transaction.
  • Allows authorized company users to generate and download PDF documents in a pre-defined format and share them with colleagues.
  • Secures your documents without any changes in the wording, e.g., legal contracts. It helps you protect the organization from accidentally releasing any inappropriate messaging.
  • Ensures consistency is maintained at all times and the PDF can be accessed easily irrespective of which software application or device it is viewed on.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Add a template. Go to the company "Settings" page and upload  Docx template files (legal contracts, invoices, etc.) to generate PDF documents. For instance, a "Partnership Agreement" word template contains "name" and "location" of the partners, terms, and other details to be sent to your partners whenever you enter into a partnership. 


Step 2: Configure the template. Configure a field (type: string) in a company specific field to populate it with template names. And, a field (type: file) to receive generated documents. Add Business Process Action (BPA) configurations as well to enable actionable buttons.

Step 3: Take actions. Now, the BPA button will be shown on the object overview page based on access parameters. 


Click on the button and the process will begin. Once the process is complete, you will receive a notification in the application. 

Step 4: Preview document. Go to the “Generated Document” section on the object overview page and click to view. 


The object data is populated on the generated PDF document based on your template configurations. 

Note: To enable the capability to export the object as a PDF, send an email to or visit 

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