WorkSpan Mid-Jul '22 Releases - v158.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

  • Company branding. Personalize your WorkSpan's login page to promote your brand when your partners visit WorkSpan using WorkSpan's embed button on your partner portals.


  • Ability to “Download” Reports. Reports are created to measure business performance, draw insights and make better decisions. Our reporting feature allows you to create and download a report in multiple formats such as “CSV”/ “Excel” files to store it locally. Further, you can use it offline to analyze large data sets at a glance. It prevents you from moving multiple pages to see data on the platform as we limit 100 rows per page. You need to click on “Export” to get it started and once the download link is generated, it is shown on the UI as well as sent to your registered email on the WorkSpan app. (Note: It could take up to 10 minutes to generate the link).


  • Powerful auto-calculation of date fields. No need to manually add a field value, you can simply auto-calculate the value in field 1 as the sum of two other field values. For instance,  as shown in the image below - the highlighted button is embedded with the formula:

        Date 1 = “Date 3” field value + “Num 1” field value = 21 + 9 = 30 (displayed as 30/Jun/2022).


  • Building relationship between "Claims" and "Partner Program". Claims can now be linked to a Partner Program using the policies such as "Auto-Create" policy and "Auto-Link" policy. As a result, you can add a claim quickly and conveniently to a Partner Program from the homepage “Quick Access” card itself.


  • Disable “Edit” button for non-editable fields. The fields are “Editable” by default.  After making every field inside a section non-editable, the “Edit” button at section level will also disappear. This can be done with a few simple clicks as you Uncheck “Allow User Edits” from the Templates > Fields > Edit Field to make it non-editable. This prevents you from making unnecessary modifications in the field once it has been configured with a value.


  • Inheriting Partner Program attributes through cloning. The immediate benefit of cloning a Partner Program is to save your time with no further manual intervention to select / deselect any included objects. For e.g., “Claims” will already be included in the “Cloned Partner Program” similar to the “Original Partner Program”. You do not have to put extra effort to include the “Claims” in the “Cloned Partner Program”. It is the most efficient way to recreate an object with all relevant data and attributes into a new object instantly.
  • Faster data entry. Pre-defined data (default value) in multiple fields based on your previous selections can speed up your data entry thereby preventing you from entering the same value repeatedly. For e.g., The field value (amount) in “Activity Approved Amount” is auto-populated with the current value entered in “Activity Requested Amount” in the “Approve Activity” BPA Edit dialog box.
  • Selection of "random" value from a bunch of values in a field. No need to manually assign a task to someone. The newly-built function will randomly let you choose and assign a user so that there is parity maintained.  It aims to bring transparency around critical business processes within the company and partners as well. Taking an example of a “Claim Approval” process, the field “Claim Approvers” can have 3 or 4 values. Another field “Assigned Claim Approver” can be configured to store a single value which will select the random value from the above 3 - 4 values when you hit “Submit a Claim” button. This will give you a clear idea of the person who has approved the claim and populates the value on the platform. 

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected error messages appearing due to invalid field values in BPA buttons. 
  • Fixed bugs that enabled editing of non-editable “file” data type fields.
  • Removed bugs that resulted in “New” as well as “Existing” subscribers in the system and multiple notifications being sent to them.
  • BPA used to run multiple times irrespective of the number of loops assigned to it. This has been fixed and now it will run depending on the number of times it is assigned to run.
  • Fixed and handled error messaging that showed “Type Error” while performing AWS ACE integration. 
  • Resolved congestion issue while uploading a file containing historical records where “Ready for Submit” was set to “True”.  
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