WorkSpan Aug '22 Releases - v159.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

  • Save selections to increase efficiency. WorkSpan saves your filter selections on actions & objects in Requests under WorkCenter (top-right navigation bar) to display data only for the selected actions. For example, your selected actions are saved in “Requests” section for “Opportunity” after you click on “Apply” button. Having said that, your preferences are saved for the next time you visit the section with no further repetitive action in selecting/deselecting the actions. You can change them manually as you want data to be displayed on the page. The time-saving method can have a positive impact on your business as it improves your work efficiency.


  • Minimal clicks to perform an action. The overview page is now enabled to display up to four (4) Business Process Action (BPA) buttons at one go to take quick actions with fewer clicks unlike selecting an action button from the dropdown menu and then making decisions. For instance, we have created four BPA buttons - “Accept”, “Decline”, “Discontinue”, “Invite” as shown in the image below. To access the remaining buttons, click on the three dots and then click on the button. 


  • Performance improvement of action buttons. Quick action buttons on the object overview page can make your company/partner users’ navigation smooth to take prompt actions and based on your actions we can load the next set(s) of actions faster. It runs as efficiently as possible with reduced button loading time to provide an optimal user experience with a fast turnaround.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved errors popping up due to removal of bulk access to opportunities for a user.
  • Fixed bugs that populated incorrect values in different columns of a report when exported as a CSV file.
  • Earlier saving the report (after deleting a chart) and re-opening it, later on, the charts still appeared in the report. This bug has been fixed.
  • The mandatory “Date” field showing null value in the staging table due to incorrect date format (in the uploaded file) has been fixed.
  • Few columns were missing while extracting a report giving incomplete information. However, this issue has been resolved.
  • Fixed issue related to “CONTAINS” filter operators not working in filter columns in reports. It is listed under the operator section in the filter for all data types except “Company” & “Person” data types. 
  • The “Submit” button for BPA buttons when configured with Rich Text fields other than data type fields was not working. This issue has been resolved.
  • The email content was not fitting to the page and bursting out due to some technical errors. The whole email content has been made intact inside a container to fit into the page with no further need to scroll horizontally to read the email.
  • When cloning an object with “Stage” as not selected, the cloned object is now initiated to the first “Stage” unlike the current stage of the original object. For instance, stages of an object are - “Identified”, “Accepted”, “Decline” and the original object is in the “Accepted” stage. After performing the cloning, the stage in the cloned object will be reset and moved to the “Identified” stage to avoid ambiguity and use it for a different project and progress accordingly. 
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