WorkSpan Mid-Aug '22 Releases - v160.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

  • Simplifying your tasks using brand-new objects. Unlock powerful insights as you get to work with new objects to store and manage data within WorkSpan. 
    • Offers - It lists the offers (pricing quotes) sent to potential customers. 
    • Requests - You can request funds from the partners for your activities using the “Requests” object.
    • Listing - The landing page gives you a quick glimpse of end-to-end solutions specific to a partner company. You can click on a solution to get detailed information and use it to drive business outcomes.
    • Event Logs - It records events to provide visibility into marketing activities that are organized on a lead/referral. This way you can aggregate your logs in a centralized event hub, making them easier to analyze and gain insights. 


  • A fresh new look for the “Create ” popup window. The improved “Create” popup window UI  for the “Sharing” section (side panel) is now made more consistent in terms of spacing, tab naming, and error messaging. Also, text overlapping other text issues on the UI have been addressed. 


  • Linking referrals with existing CRM opportunity IDs in WorkSpan. You can now link an opportunity in SFDC by adding a value in WS, which would now be sent directly to SFDC. Consequently, the WS SFDC app will populate the opportunity ID in the respective referral information page automatically. No extra effort would be required to link a referral to an opportunity. It will also be helpful in retrieving historical records to WS when required.


  • Set up "Reply-To" email address. A “Reply-To” address allows you to set an address different from the “From" address where you want to receive a reply from the recipients. Email service providers consider reply-to address as a legitimate source and not spam that help build brand authenticity. Get a reply from recipients to your desired email address now as you have the option to set a reply-to address in WorkSpan. You can contact WorkSpan via email at to configure the same. By setting up this capability, you can pay attention to your customers’ replies; improve email strategy and deliverability. Additionally, it’s a great way to put potential customers into your sales bucket.

Bug Fixes

  • On the Overview page, the “Membership” card displayed no. of invitations in a collapsed state. However, when expanded it showed an incorrect message “You do not have any invitations right now.” This issue has been resolved and you can now view all the received invitations.
  • The “Partner Customer Country” field value in the “Partner Details” panel that was populated after clicking Business Process Action button showed an error value. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue related to broken UI in “Tasks” card blocks caused due to long descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug due to which missing data in Sales Plan resulted in an error message. 
  • Previously, during integration, the records were not getting uploaded appropriately because of the additional spaces in the field values of an uploaded file. Resolved this issue by adding a new mechanism to trim additional spaces and avoid errors.
  • The “Name” search functionality in the table view is now working fine to give you the desired results.
  • Error in selecting an “End date” while creating a new Campaign has been fixed.
  • While creating a new object in WorkSpan, the “Partners and Members” panel in the “Create” popup window threw an error message. This issue has been resolved.
  • Clicking on an object in the table view now opens the “Summary” panel (default) directly unlike “Comments/Tasks” tabs previously. You need to click on “Comments” tab or “Tasks” tab to check comments or view tasks respectively.
  • Fixed a bug where Business Process Action (BPA) button was not working due to hidden company-specific fields. The BPA button will now execute irrespective of the fields being shown/hidden in an object.
  • Fixed bugs that caused frequent “Service Unavailable” errors in the WS application.
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