WorkSpan Mid-Sep'22 Releases - v162.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

  • Simple, yet really powerful configuration to auto-populate date fields. Calculation of “Date” fields is now supported for months and even years. We know that you want “Claim Submission Date” to be 3 months from the day your partner starts the claim process. We can configure it for you to set claim_last_date = now() + 3 months automatically as you click the action button.

For example, The current date, i.e., now = 6 Sep 2022. 

The “MMS Entry Date” field as shown in the image below is auto-populated when clicked on the action button:

    • Now + 2 years = 6 Sep 2022 + 2 years = 6 Sep 2024.
    • Now + timedelta (month=1, days=15) = 6 Sep 2022 + (30 + 15 days) = 6 Sep 2022 + (45 days) = 21 Oct 2022.


*To set it up, contact WorkSpan Support via email at or visit 

  • Download “Sample File” for bulk uploads. No need to remember file formats any more. You can now bulk upload any object (say Opportunity) at once and to make life easier, we will give a sample file too that you can “Download” to refer to before uploading.


  • Auto-populating a field value from another field. As a user, we want to capture the total allocated amount or something at a particular moment. So now, with our enhanced capabilities, you can create any metric and then capture its value at a particular time onto another field in the object.

For example, In “Activity”, Metric value = 100.

Now, on clicking “Submit Activity” button, Set “Activity Requested Amount” = Metric value [i.e., 100].

Here, “Activity Requested Amount” is a field in the Activity template.

  • Constrained conditional model to improve action button performance. Applying conditions to action buttons while configuring, you can organize these conditions into logical chunks of code that execute only if certain conditions are met. The benefit of using such a model is to make the program more robust; enhance button performance with less configuration and by allowing only a piece of code to run based on specific conditions.

For instance, your company allocates one annual budget as well as four quarterly budgets (Q1-Q4). Instead of showing the same actionable buttons for all Quarters, you can now configure different action buttons to show up for different Quarters validated against conditions like: 

    • If "Quarter = Q1", only show the Action button "Approve Q1 Budget"; 
    • If “Quarter = Q2”, only show the Action button "Approve Q2 budget"; and so on.

*For more information, contact WorkSpan Support via email at or visit 

Bug Fixes

  • A few metrics were not getting updated under Sales Plan and an error message “Unknown column in filter” kept on popping up. This issue has been resolved.
  • While uploading a file (during Integration) with spaces in data fields, the spaces are now trimmed automatically and displayed on the UI without any error message.
  • The auto-create policy expected to convert all the field values in “Channel Partners” and “Region” into WS opportunities resulted in only a few data WS opportunities. However, after amending certain configuration changes, all the field values are now being transformed into WS opportunities.
  • Fixed the “Name” search filter functionality not working in the staging table.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in populating data due to the selection of incorrect columns in a report.
  • Earlier, clicking on the “Submit a Job” button for specific data in “Export Configurations” table view, redirected to an error page. This bug has been fixed and the button is now being redirected to “Go to Jobs History” button. Once you click on it, you can view all data in a tabular format.
  • Previously, the report was only loading and was timing out due to a time constraint of ~1 minute. After suggested changes, it is now loading faster than ever in less than a minute.
  • Issue related to “Download” option not working for “Individual” metric charts and “All” charts have been resolved. The reports are now downloadable either individually as a single file or all together in a .zip file.
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