• Activity

    An activity in a campaign or a marketing plan includes an action(s) that helps you achieve your campaign/marketing plan goals. Each activity should have measurable results, that can be tracked and ...

  • Campaign

    A WorkSpan campaign is a set of activities, assets, budget, tasks, shared goals, results, accomplishments and notes.   Campaigns have a budget that funds its activities. Campaigns have goals and a...

  • Campaign Management

    Planning, running, tracking, and analyzing (via reports) your joint marketing campaigns with your partners in WorkSpan.

  • Campaign Stages

    Stages of the marketing pipeline representing each step in the campaign process. In WorkSpan, default campaign stages include: Proposed Build Run Done Also See: Overview of Campaigns

  • Collaborator in a Campaign

    Collaborators on campaigns have view and edit rights to all sections of a campaign.  Use this access level for the core team on a campaign. Also See: Access Levels on Objects in WorkSpan

  • Marketing Development Fund (MDF)

    Marketing Development Funds or MDF are the funds that you set aside to manage the joint relationship and the go to market initiatives with your partners. 

  • Owner in a Campaign

    A campaign owner has superpowers to manage a campaign as a whole and tailor member access on a campaign. Campaigns usually have a handful of owners. Also See: Access Levels on WorkSpan Objects

  • Participant in a Campaign

    Participants have view rights to most sections of a campaign (except the funding section). Participants can edit activities and assets. Only member of companies included in a campaign can find and ...

  • Program

    Programs are a collection of campaigns (funding requests) in WorkSpan. Programs have a budget pool that funds its campaigns Programs have goals and address a broad purpose (e.g, promoting a produc...

  • Program Stage

    Parts or stages of the marketing pipeline representing each step in the program process. In WorkSpan, the program stages include: Defining; Accepting Proposals; Executing; Done.

  • Purchase Order (PO)

    Purchase Order (PO) is a document issued by a buyer to a seller to indicate the services or products that the buyer intends to subscribe to or purchase at the indicated cost.  

  • Purchase Requisition

    Purchase requisition is a document used when an employee needs to make a purchase on behalf of his/her company. It is a document that is used to inform the purchasing officer of the decision so tha...